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This course is designed for those who want to work with their hands and elevate in life. It’s a true course for the next generation of artist.

You can easily get acces through the course by selected your preferred language. English or Dutch. There will be a payment method and you’ll see the dates for the course you want to sign up for.

We are offering one Dutch course since it’s out home base language, but we also offer a well spoken English course that will be easily understand regardless where you’re from.

You can Either choose for an in person group training or an 1 on 1 in person training. The courses will never be taken place on the same dates.

If you’re having trouble with the payment methods, please directly contact us and we’ll work on a solution so you can get started into the resin industry asap!

You can register yourself by buying the course you prefer on our website. Leave your details and get the payment done and you’ll be registered to the course you’ve selected.

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Become a certified Epoxy Resin Artist yourself and turn your whole life around! Learn from Rivadé Arbre himself to become a Rivadé Arbre certified Epoxy Resin Artist and start to turn your own imagination into reality on every floor that you’ll make!

Learn everything from prepping a floor to making the most unique designs! Selling, finding clients and more! Start your resin journey today and sign up!

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