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Next Level Art made with the finest Resin Epoxy.
Rivadé Arbre is a state of the art Resin Artist company that takes your floor or wall to a whole other level. Interested in one of our services or take one of our exclusive courses? Check out our website and get inspired.

Beeldmerk Rivade Arbre

About Us

"Create a journey with your own imagination"

As an official ‘Don Resin’ certified epoxy artist I surrender to expressionism and through the right technique every design becomes authentic. Be guided by organic shapes in harmony with the right sense of color. Feel the expressionism in every design and be inspired by the flowing patterns.

Our Training Programs

Resin Arts Classes


Training 1

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Training 2

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Training 3

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Training 4

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rivadé arbre

“It’s about the feeling, by working with the right proportion you create a possibility that makes every design unique. It is expressionism in harmony with precision and the right pouring state of mind.”

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